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CHICHOinc is a company specializing in Electronic and Mechanical Design, Manufac-turing, Installation, Repair and Retrofit of Shape Cutting Machines, Electronic and Mechanical Equipment for the Shape Cutting Business. We have long experience with HVAC Cutting Machines - Plasma and Liner Cutters; Machine Shops and Burning Shops - Multi-station OXY & Plasma Cutting Machines; Sign Business – Rotor, Plasma, Water Jet and Bending Machines; Glass Cutters; Water Jet Cutters; Foam Cutters and CNC Punching Machines. We repair, upgrade, retrofit and replace all Creonics Allen Bradley CNC Controls.

The company’s years of experience let us serve our customers down to the lowest level - in mechanics at part level, and in electronics – at component level for our own machines and those of other companies. Our highly motivated and extensively trained engineers, technicians and employees follow the latest developments in the branch and the market. We offer our constantly increasing number of customers quality work for minimum time at their or our location for manufacturing and installation of our machines, or repair and retrofit of any brand shape-cutting machine. We troubleshoot our customers’ equipment for free online or over the phone first, localize the problem and its nature – whether it is hardware, software or man-made and then together with the customer, decide the best way to solve it.

For HVAC Plasma and Liner Cutting machines, we provide new, high speed quality machines; repair, upgrade and retrofit of all Lockformer, Advance Cutting Systems, DACC, PPI, ShapeTech, ProFAB and other manufacturers’ models. We are also familiar with the older and new versions of Lockformer Vulcan machines and those of the other manufacturers. We repair and upgrade their CNC Controls: Aircotron 750, Aircotron 1000, Aircotron 3000, Hybrid D6, Hybrid D11, Micropath 16K, Compupath 500, Compupath 550, Micropath CXNC, Micropath Plus, Voyager, Picopath, NEE Controls and many others. We can also replace and install old CNCs with the full range of CNC controls including Linatrol, Northrop Grumman and Promotion Controls. We also have Creonics and Allen Bradley’s retrofit program where we use your own firmware and box and provide you with brand new electronic boards and parts.

The Servo Drives for the HVAC business manufactured by Wescan, Linatrol as HL71, HL71B, HL71LF, ESAB Servo Drive, HL75, HL752, HL76, HL75/76 and DACC ’s AccuDrive are among the servo drives we support most often. Here too we have a retrofit program for a full exchange and quality improvement of HL71, HL71B with a new modular electronic set. We can supply or repair most motors, encoders, cables, gear boxes and specific parts for HVAC Cutting Machines. We carry out our replacement and retrofit program in a production-time-saving way. It can be done in the manner that suits our customer best- at the customer’s location; at our location and mailed; or Plug-N-Play version mailed.

For Machine and Burning Shops, we offer new, high quality multi-station Oxy and Plasma machines, well-balanced for minimum and maximum speed, protected and ready for use in heavy-duty environment. They are equipped with the full range of CNC controls of Linatrol, Northrop Grumman and Promotion Controls as Picopath, Profiler, Infinity or Promotion Controls System. We offer them with Linatrol DNC and nesting software, Promotion Controls DNC and nesting software or Vintech DNC and nesting software. The machines support versions of up to 6 OXY, 1 or 2 plasmas with/without marker, with our easy-to-operate heavy-duty console. We offer them with plasma from Kaliburn, Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics with/without Height Control. When they require a Height Control we recommend to our customers INOVA Plasma Height Control System from Kaliburn. In many cases we install the customer’s used plasma. The servo drives and motors can be AC or DC version. They can be of our own production or other manufacturers’. All machines come dual drive synchronized. Our electronics in our DC servo drive provides up to 0 .6 degrees motion reaction of the motor shaft before the next gear-box reduction. For Machine and Burning Shops we offer repair and retrofit of all popular machine manufacturers including ESAB, MG Cutting Machines, Lockformer, DACC, Koike, Advance Cutting Systems, CMC, Burny, and many others. We repair, upgrade or exchange their CNC: Aircotron 750, Aircotron 1000, Aircotron 3000, Hybrid D6, Hybrid D11, Micropath 16K,Voyager, Compupath 500, Compupath 550, Lynx, Micropath CXNC, Micropath Plus, Picopath, NEE Controls, Burny, CMC, Promotion Controls, Profiler etc and Servo Drives: ESAB Servo Drive, CMC Servopac, all Wescan and Linatrol servo drives and tracing systems, AccuDrive. We provide maintenance for a diverse array of electronic and mechanical components including Electronic Circuit Boards, Keypads, AC motors, DC motors, encoders, resolvers, cables etc.

For the Sign Business, we offer new shape-cutting machines with the parameters of those for Machine and Burning Shops with special rotor station for plastic and aluminum, plasma and marker-stations as well as single-station water-jet. We also repair or retrofit other manufacturers’ shape-cutting machines for this business. We repair and retrofit sign-business bending machines.

We also offer custom-made Glass Cutters; Water Jet Cutters; Foam Cutters and CNC Punching Machines. For Lockformer Excalibur Glass-Cutter machines, we offer retrofit of Excalibur Allen Bradley Micropath Excalibur CNC Control with our Allen Bradley Creonics retrofit program as well as exchange of Lockformer NEE CNC controls with these controllers.

CHICHOinc creates, supplies and repairs all communication devices for downloading data to the shape-cutting machine.

CHICHOinc is the right place for you to come for information about upgrade, retrofit of your still working old machine as well as for the improvement of the time and quality of cutting including its hardware and software.