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Repair, Upgrade and Retrofit Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma HVAC ductwork machine - table

CHICHOinc repairs, upgrades and retrofits Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma table within 48 hours. Many businesses have used our services for the repair, upgrade and retrofit of their Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma HVAC DUCT machines. Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma HVAC ductwork table can be easily and quickly repaired, retrofitted, and upgraded.
Lockformer Vulcan 2000 plasma table has a newer electronic equipment compared to Vulcan 1800 Lockformer Plasma table but same mechanics. In the process of perfecting the electronic equipment in the period of 5-10 years the machines on the market with that mechanical body have been named Vulcan 2900 and the next series Vulcan 1000B, 3100D, depending on the type of electronic equipment mostly. Unfortunately, “perfecting” the electronic equipment in Lockformer’s machinery since Vulcan 2900 comes down to the company’s extremely commercial policy. An example of this is North East Electronics – NEE CNC controller with built-in servo drive and interfaces. The controller NEE CNC is present in some of Vulcan’s 2000 latest models. North East Electronics (British company) has been out of business since 2003. Cleveland Machine Control CMC, a company which continued the production of this controller cancelled the production and service a few years later. At present no other company supports the NEE CNC controller – parts and service.

We offer free 24/7, over the phone (+1 225 772 8326), troubleshooting of your Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma HVAC ductwork table.

Do not pay others lots of $$$ for a new or retrofitted machine - you can get the same functionality and quality from CHICHOinc for about half the price!
Give your machine 20 more years in the business - same functionality, same quality and same CAD/CAM software for less!
It is easy - contact us for more details.

Basic equipment for Vulcan 2000 Plasma HVAC DUCT machine - table

1. CNCs used for Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma table:

  • Creonics Hybrid D6 CXNC/LF CNC, Creonics MPP 128K LF CNC, Allen Bradley 128K LF CNC – with two basic metal circuit connectors – I/O-37 pins and DRV/ENC- 37 sockets
    These CNC controllers are repairable with us within 24 hours. They are still usable and are in no way different from their newer version controllers. We repair, upgrade, or replace them with Plug-and-Play Picopath UNI – v. D6 CNC by CHICHOinc (3-year warranty)
  • When the customer prefers an upgrade, he gets an almost new controller for half the price of the new one and the same warranty – 3 years. In case this controller is unrepairable within the warranty period, we replace it with a new one and deduct the price of the initial upgrade.
  • North East Electronics – Lockformer NEE CNC controller, Cleveland Machine Control CMC – Lockformer Cutter 2 CNC and Lockformer Cutter 3 CNC

2. Servo Drives used for Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma table:

  • Westinghouse Canada Linatrol Canada HL75, HL 76, HL752/LF Servo Drives
    We repair these servo drives. We also offer Plug-and-Play upgrade or replacement – CHAMPDC2HL75LF PWM Servo Drive with new machine cable set by CHICHOinc with 3 years warranty. It is a module design equipment for easy troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and overnight shipment. Each module is < 1 lb. The upgrade can be in the old customer’s servo drive box – for easy mounting on the machine or in a new one.

3. Motors and encoders for Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma table

Call us for details.

4. Mechanics for Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma table

Call us for details.

5. Communication equipment for Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma table

CHICHOinc manufactures a low cost ($356 plus 1$/1' optical cable – total) complete optical communication set – Plug-and-Play for any model cutting machine.

6. Super Deal "All in one box equipment" for Lockformer Vulcan 2000 Plasma table

  • 12" x 12" x 8" Picopath UNI 2S CNC
    With a new cable set, 2 homing SW and 2 limit SW – DONE IN 2 HOURS