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Repair, Upgrade and Retrofit of Cutting Machines

CHICHOinc offers repair, upgrade and retrofit of all popular HVAC ductwork machines by all popular brands. We repair, upgrade and retrofit plasma, flame and water jet sheet metal cutting machines for your burning, fabrication and machine shop. We also repair, upgrade and retrofit glass insulation and other material machines.
With us, your HVAC DUCT machine might be back online in 48 hours. We can give a second life to your old machine body with our new electronic equipment - plug-and-play with three years warranty. The steel does not age but electronics does.
Do not pay others lots of $$$ for a new or retrofitted machine - you can get the same functionality and quality from CHICHOinc for about half the price!
Give your machine 20 more years in the business - same functionality, same quality and same CAD/CAM software for less!
It is easy - contact us for more details.

Here are some of the most popular machines CHICHOinc has already serviced. And do not worry, even if your machine is not in the list below probably we'll still be able to help - give us a call.