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New OXY and Plasma Shape Cutting Machines
for Machine and Burning Shops

Reliable, high-performance CHICHOinc. OXY and plasma shape cutting machines:

  • Precise steel or aluminum gantry, with rail or traverse orientation, with 2 or 3 axes (dual gantry – synchronized motion). Safe railway designed under the cutting table, which keeps it clean and safe when loading and downloading the material. All machines with width of cutting table more than 5’ (1500 mm) come with synchronized dual gantry for the rail axis. Our electronics in our DC servo drive provides up to 0.6 degrees motion reaction of the motor shaft before the next gear-box reduction.

  • Kaliburn, Thermal Dynamics or Hypertherm Plasma Power supplies.

  • INOVA Plasma Height Control – from Kaliburn.

  • Victor torches and precision lifters for OXY application.

  • The machines support versions of up to 6 OXY, 1 or 2 plasmas with/without marker, with our easy-to-operate heavy-duty console.

  • We build your machines taking into consideration the size of your shop, the type of material you will be using, the way of loading and unloading, the safety of your people, the way you will periodically clean the tables, and the multi point exhaustion with an option for automatic coordinate exhaustion. CHICHOinc. offers its customers full and precise documentation so they can make their own cutting table.

  • Sizes – customized, depending on your need.

  • Picopath, Profiler, Infinity or Promotion Controls CNCs using all old or new DNC software packages.

  • CHICHOinc. 2 or 3 axes DC or AC servo drive and motors.

  • Easy installation.

  • Traverse speed - up to 600 ipm.

  • Min. cut. speed – more than 3 ipm (specially for OXY cutting machine).

  • Cut. speed depends on material.
-  For Plasma - average: 10-250 ipm – usual gear box ratio 15:1.
-  For OXY - average: 3-50 ipm - usual gear box ratio 30:1.
-  For combo OXY and Plasma machines - average: 3-50 ipm - usual gear box ratio 30:1.

  • Accurate homing and limit system.

  • Rack and pinion gear-driven gantry.

  • EIA and/or ESSI RS232C communication port and protocols available for Picopath CNC.

  • Networking available depending on the model of CNC in use – for Promotion Controls CNC, Profiler, Infinity.

  • We have a special program that allows us to build your machine with your participation at your location. This will drastically decrease the cost. The program includes full technical support, step-by-step supervision, and a full package of mechanical and electronic designs. For further information call our representative.