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Complete replacement for Hybrid D6 / CXNC / 128K / ESAB Compupath ( Creonics ), MICROPATH  MPP 256K ( Allen Bradley ) with PICOPATH-PLUD-C3



PICOPATH PLUS  version: C3 (2 X 37 pin plastic connectors)   

Picopath Hybrid D11 CNC
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This product has been developed and it is being manufactured by Linatrol and Chicho, Inc.

Contact Linatrol ( or Chicho,Inc. for more information.  



PICOPATH PLUS version: C3 - CNC Controller is a Plug & Play controller used on the following types of machines and their business applications:

  • Vulcan Plasma Cutter , Vulcan Plasma Cutters , Flame Cutters , Plasma Cutting Machine , Plasma Cutting Machines ,  Vulcan Plasma Machine , Vulcan Plasma Machines , Vulcan Plasma Cutting System , Vulcan Plasma Cutting Systems , Plasma Table , Plasma Vulcan Cutting Table ,  HVAC  Plasma Table , Lockformer Plasma Table, Advanced Cutting Systems machines , ESAB Compupath,  Koike Aronson machines.

PICOPATH PLUS version: C16K2  - CNC Controller  is a Plug & Play controller  used on the following machines models * :

  • Lockformer Vulcan 1200 , some Koike Aronson , and some Advanced Cutting Systems models , some old models of ESAB burning tables with Compupath CNC controls ,  MG Cutting Machines and more with MICROPATH CREONICS ALLAN BRADLEY CNC Strategy.

Note*:  Some of the latest versions of Vulcan 1200 are using plasma ready MICROPATH CNC controls and are replaceable with PICOPATH PLUS version: CAB2M with part number CHPPP CAB2M, CHMPP128M, or CHMPP256M.


Note**: New machine builders please contact us, so we can offer the correct version of PICOPATH PLUS CNC control with minimal cost and maximum functionality for your machine.



This is a case where PICOPATH PLUS v: C3 will replace MICROPATH CNC with 2 X 37 pin plastic connectors (same size) – one male (I/O) and one female (DRV/ENC).  If your control has two male connectors (same size), and the connector labeled DRV/ENC is a 24 pin connector, this is a different MICROPATH CNC Control.  If this is the case go to PICOPATH PLUS v: C16K2, CHMPP128P2or CHMPP256P2.


The MICROPATH CNC control with 2 X 37 pin plastic connectors is not very common.  It is used specially for sign cutting, water jet cutting and hot-wire foam cutting machines.  Sometimes this control is used for OXY FUEL cutting machines.  Some customers order this CNC control instead of a CNC control with two metal connectors but do not realize it is not the same controller.  It is very important to differentiate between  2 X 37 pin, metal connectors and 2 X 37 pin, plastic connectors, as the metal connectors have plastic in the middle, but are metal on the outside.  


MICROPATH CNC control with 2 X 37 pin, plastic connectors is not optically isolated and it is not a plasma- ready control.  Our PICOPATH PLUS v.C3 is optically isolated and it is a plasma-ready CNC control. 





  • Plug and play.
  • Complete replacement for all Creonics Micropath CNC controls with 2 X 37 pin plastic connectors: Creonics Micropath 16K , Hybrid D6 , Compupath 500 , Compupath 550. 
  • A core charge of $2,000.00 and will be added to the listed price and refunded upon receipt of you old controller.  
  • We need to receive the complete old controller working or not, for core charge.
  • 12 month warranty and 24/7 telephone technical support for your product is included, free of charge.
  •  Items not in stock normally ship in 2-3 business days.




Part # for this item: CHPPP C3


Price for new unit:


$7,250.00         Ask us how to purchase this product with 10% discount              $6,525.00


Price for upgrade of old controller:  contact us





  • Purchases are paid C.O.D. 
  • If we receive your old equipment and we determined it can be repaired and/or updated, we will notify you of this option.  Repairs often cost half the price of new equipment and come with our same 12 month warranty.
  • If you want to purchase this product with different terms, please call your local or main distributor. 
  • For International buyers please contact us for details and instructions.
  • To purchase this product please contact us with your company information and a Purchase Order.  If you are not sure what type and model equipment you need, please contact us for more information and assistance.